Client Login

I havealotof customers that have multiple locations. I have them set up with a “Head Office”. They need to login and input there workorders and get reports but I can only get there login for one location. It states that I can only have one login. Haw do I allow one person to login into multiple clients? I maybe should have posted this in ARAS but the setup is in CE.


Mark Crum

Hello Mark

Remote access usernames and passwords can not be duplicated for different clients.

If the Head Office is to log in and request service or view service requests or information for a client, they would log in with the username and password for that client.

Remote access settings allow access to the workorders for that client, to requestservice for that client, and to view requests made by that client only.

One of the features we have on the list for the new client remote access for the next generation AyaNovais that a Head Office login will have access to view workorders for all clients assigned to that head office, as well as request service for any client that is assigned to that head office.

  • Joyce