Client Notes

Is there any way to insert eh client notes into a workorder report? I thought the correct field was “Schedulable user notes” but it appears to not be working?

Thank you

No - information for the Client Notes grid is not included as a datafield in a report template for a service workorder.

The datafield Schedulable User Notes available in a detailed multi-table report template for a Service Workorder grid/entry screen refers to the Schedulable User Notes field in the client entry screen

For example, in the Sample Dispatching report template, this datafield is placed on the report template to displaythe notes that you may want to appear for the scheduled user to refer to when being dispatched to perform the service.

  • Joyce

Thank you - That clarifies the fields. Will the notes be added in the future to reports design?

Hi again

The Client Notes grid has the potential of having unlimited client notes records - if fields from this grid were provided in the service workorder report template, how do you see them being displayed in a service workorder report - as you couldn’t dictate which of the possible client notes record to dispaly?

This is why we provided the Schedulable User Notes field from the client entry screen in the detailedservice workorder report template - as there is only ever one field of text from the Schedulable User Notes field - whereas the Client notes grid couple have potentially hundreds of records.

As suggested in the sample Dispatching report template, if you have data that you would like to be displayed on a service workorder report every time for a client, it would be suggested that it be entered in the Schedulable User Notes field in the client entry screen.

Do post how you would see this displaying in a detailed report template for the service workorder.

  • Joyce