**Client Notifications via email now a feature of AyaNova 5*

We are a computer repair company and we desperate need a feature that can allow us to keep our customers informed about the progress of their repair.
So I would love the be able to press a button (similar to the green bank service charge) within the Labour screen which will send a txt message & email to the client with:

  1. The current Word Order Status
  2. Message body – This can be a separate field within the Labour screen, or the existing Service Details

Are you going to develop such a feature soon?


Hi Deyan
Right now with the optional add-on WBI, your client can log in via WBI and view the details of their workorders via a report template you set. See the details and video about WBI on our website.

Also note that you can email any report from the Print Preview of a report - see (This link is towards the Help file for the AyaNova version available at the time of this posting)

Also via AyaNova 4 and higher, if the report is a detailed service workorder report, you can “suck” out the client’s email address so that it is pre-entered for you in the email message you send along with the report - saving you time having to go and find the email address and enter it yourself. See the forum topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3747-103-1.aspx for an overview and example of use

The upcoming new version AyaNova 5 will have the new Client Notification feature where a client can be automatically notified via email (with your own custom message) when either of the following occurs:

when a new workorder is made for the client (either when a Customer Service Request created by the client via WBI is accepted, or when you manually make a new workorder for the client)
when a workorder status is changed to a specific status
when a workorder is Closed (and can include a report of the workorder for this event)
certain time frame after a workorder is Closed for a follow up
BUT DO check out the sneak peak of new features coming in AyaNova 5 including Client Notifications

[FORUM NOTE: Client Notifications via email is now a feature of AyaNova. Refer to the latest AyaNova online Help documentation

  • Joyce