Client notified of workorder status

[FORUM NOTE: Client Notifications whereby a client can be notified via email when a certain event occurs (i.e. workorder status changed, wo created, etc) is now a feature of AyaNova. Refer to the AyaNova Online Help section for details]

Let’s say a particular client wants to be notified via email when a workorder is closed so they can check it out via WBI. At this time, clients themselves can not subscribe to notifications, so here is an excellent work-around that was suggested by Marc Bellack of Computer Renaissance who uses AyaNova to manage their service.

Let’s say the client’s name is ABC Accounting.

Create a Workorder Status called ABC Accounting’s Workorder Closed

In your <Username> navigation pane where you subscribe to notifications, do the following:

Create a new subscription and select Workorder ‘Status’ changed
Select the ABC Accounting’s Workorder Closed status
Add Delivery Method
Make a new Delivery Method that actually has the client’s email address - labeled it with a name so that it is identified as for that client’s email address and easy to select
Select this delivery method
Now when the Workorder Status “ABC Accounting’s Workorder Closed” status is selected, this client’s email address will be notified that workorder XX for client ABC Accounting status has been changed - so that the client now will log in via WBI, select that workorder number, and view the details on it.

Do note that this of course requires that you do not select the status 'ABC Accounting’s Workorder Closed" if the workorder is not for ABC Accounting.

  • Joyce

Note that with AyaNova 5’s new feature Client Notifications this work around is no longer needed - see (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) for more details as well as all of the possible client notificartions now available.