Client record has disappeared from some areas

One of our technicians was editing a new clientrecord that he had just finished importing from Quickbooks. Heaccidently clicked on the ‘Save and New’ icon. As it should,the new client’srecord closed and a new blank client record appeared. Instead of clickingon ‘Exit’ he accidently clicked on the ‘Delete’ icon. The new record was deleted and so wasthe clientrecord he had saved… we thought, because when we looked throughthe client list (Clients>Clients)the record he had editedit was gone.

Wedouble-checked to be sure there were no filters on. There weren’t.

Assuming the record was erased, weopened the QBI module to reimport the client and receiveda warning the client record already exists so we didn’t continue.

At that point wehad everyone log out of the program,their computers, andwe shut down the server. Westarted back up, loggedin,reopenedthe client listbut the client record still did not appearin the list.

We then created a new work order to see if the clientrecord would appear in the drop-down list anddiscovered it did. We also discovered while in the work order, if we click on the ‘Client’ button wecanedit, and save the client record but the itstill does not appear in the clientlisting.

Any suggestionson what we can try next?



Hi Bob

I will attempt to recreate what happened, and then identify why from there.

Are you using the default stand-alone installation, network Firebird or SQL Server configuration?

Are you running AyaNova v3.1.7

Are you running QBI v3.1.4

What country and version and year of QuickBooks is bring run?

Thank you

  • Joyce


Network Firebird ona Win2K box

AyaNova version 3.1.7 on all computers

QBI version 3.1.4

USA, QuickBooks Premier Edition 2003 R10P



p.s we rarely need to use it but your technical support is excellent!

Hi again Bob
Thank you.

I’ve got a computer here set up the same, but the client record that was clicked on with Save & New still displays in the Clients grid. I’m not able to reproduce with my data.

Can you confirm the following:

In the Clients navigation pane, in the Clients grid, confirm the column Clients is the furtherest most left hand column so that the grid sorts on this column.
Click Refresh
Double-check again that the client shows or not.
If not, can you run your snapshot batch file to create a AYANOVA.FBK snapshot, zip it up and send directly to along with the manager username and password, and the full Client name of this client.
I will restore it, and then check the database as to what is happening.
Thank you

  • Joyce

It is in the lefthand-most column. We tried refreshing and moving other colmuns but the record doesn’t come back.

We’ll send the file.



First I want to thank Joyce for devoting all of the time she spent working with me to resolve this problem.

Although we did not find out exactly what prevented the customer from appearing in the Client Grid, when we went through the troubleshooting process the client reappeared. It was a “Hiccup” for sure. To be specific, after we performed a GBAK ‘backup’ using the networkFirebirdsnapshot.bat file, we then reopened AyaNova, looked at Client Grid, and client record appeared in the list. This just emphasizes the importance of ‘backing up’ even more.

I really appreciate all the extra time Joyce spent working with me, up and beyond the call of duty, trying to get to the bottom of this. Your outstanding Support should be used as a model for anyone in the service business, and again, I thank you!