Client service request

I have an issue where a client can log in and see existing work orders but is unable to make a new request, on pressing the “add” button the screen that is supposed to come up isnt. This is happening with all client accounts. The security settings are read/write etc as per set up instructions. Got me beat, any suggestions would be appriciated. (probably simple fix im sure)


Have you tested this yourself logging in as the client?

What web browsers (and versions) have you tested it with?

What web browsers (and versions) is the client using?

Have you tested using IE8 with the compatibility mode set if using IE8 as per and as per the first page in the Client WBI 5 Help

Please re-confirm what the security group is set to for the client, and which each of the three security objects are set to for the security group of the client logging in via WBI:


  • Joyce

Fixed just after I posted, was IE8 popup blocker, hold down ctrl and all good. Thanks