Clients button changed to Client.Label.List

Instead of the nice user-friendly buttons I used to have, now everything has a big long dotted-notation name (I’m seeing the code behind the fields). It changed when I logged in. Someone else has been making alot of changes in our database. Where can I look to change it back?

Thanks a bunch.


Hi Terry, it sounds like the locale is not being enforced for some reason. The locale is determined at the time of login by the user logging in.
Have you exited out of AyaNova, and than logged back in?
Have you exited out of AyaNova, and logged in as another AyaNova user?
Have you rebooted your computer and than logged back in?
If AyaNova is networked, have you made sure all users are out of AyaNova, rebooted the server and than logged back in?
If AyaNova is networked, have you logged in on another computer - and does it occur on this other computer?
Do post back what you have done and the results

  • Joyce

I tried logging in as a different user. Some of the fields were correct, but some were still coded. Weird. I then logged back in as myself, and all the fields were again “coded”. I logged out of AyaNova, rebooted, and logged in again, and it all looked the way it should. Life is good again. Another user, earlier in the day, had started to create a new locale but then deleted it. After she created/deleted the new locale is when I logged out/in and it started acting funky. A reboot was the fix.

Joyce- thanks for the quick response, and you are now 2 for 2 with fixes for us!

Good to hear now all well. Usually a exit and re-login will fix that if it ever occurs. I’ve seen it myself about twice in the last three years but we haven’t been able to recreate it to determine exactly why it occurs.

When an AyaNova user logs in, at that time the locale set in their User entry screen is enforced - as the locale sets what text displays for all labels. Its possible thata problem with a network connection to the server can cause a hickup, or something lagging on the server causing a slower response from the database.

Do a quick check on your server and make sure it is not overloaded - i.e. memory free, CPU %, etc just to confirm. But I won’t expect it to re-occur.

Have a good weekend

  • Joyce