Close more than one workorder at once

I often have to set a lot of workorders to status “closed”(from today and two months back gives a lot of workorders) . Is the only way to do that by opening them all one by one and set the status, or can I do something easier?
It could be nice if I could close the case from the overview window, but I don’t know if that is possible somehow?

Thanks in advance


Hi Thomas

Yes, you would open and view each workorder, checkmark the Closed, Save & Exit.

You could also create and use an AyaScript such as the example provided in the topic Set-Jobs-in-list-to-Service-Completed-Closed-and-Wokorder-Status-to-the-Global-Close (search for Closed script)

Or contact us directly via with your specific needs and we would be happy to quote for a custom Ayascript for you

  • Joyce