Closed workorders

I could understand that workorders that become “closed” can no longer be edited, but this behaviour becomes undesirable. I have two techs who are on the road using the ayanova web interface to close work orders. Both of them have accidentally marked work orders “closed.”

Now, I use a filter to view all workorders that aren’t marked “Service Completed” and “Servie Completed” was not checked on those workorders thus they always show up. However I can’t modify them because they are closed.

How can I resolve this issue?


When a workorder is checkmarked Closed, that automatically checkmarks Service Completed if it isn’t already so.

Can you send me via private message, the URL to your WBI login, and a username and password to log in. Also include the wororder number that is chechmarked Closed, but still has the Service Completed unchecked.

It is recommended for the future that you set the security group for the Object.Workorder.Close to Read Only for those techs Security Groupif you do not want them closing a workorder.

  • Joyce

Thank you for sending the information.

In addition to the AyaNova v3.4.2.0 released last night, a new version of WBI v3.4.3 was released this morning that addresses this issue.

Now with WBI, Service Completed has to be checkmarked before the Closed field is available to be checkmarked to prevent this from occuring.

With the information provided, I have also requested that oncethe AyaNova user has updated to the latest version of AyaNova and WBI, to have all users out of AyaNova and all AyaNova related programs closed, and send me a zipped backup of their AyaNova database file so that I can manually edit the Service Completed field so it is checkmarked for the two workorders where this previously occurred.

  • Joyce