Common issues using AyaNova CE 1.x and solutions

NOTE: this is ONLY for issues with the very old AyaNova CE 1.x version

Unable to view all of the program screen and unable to “scroll” sideways or horizontally

AyaNova requires that you have a minimum screen resolution of 800X600 and the font setting of small fonts. AyaNova is a forms based application rather than a document based application such as a word processor. In a document based application it doesn’t matter what your resolution is set to as the program can simply re-arrange the text to fit, however in a forms based application the screens can not be made any smaller, only larger.

We can not fit everything onto all screens at less than 800X600 resolution due to the large number of fields on some of the forms.

When AyaNova is closed, a error message “SC.EXE has caused an invalid page fault in KERNEL32” occurs

This can be caused by either of two things:

  1. There is no file called P2SMON.DLL in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory at all

  2. The file P2SMON.DLL that is in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory is NOT version

  3. There is more than one copy of P2SMON.DLL on the computer, and it is not the same version as the C:\Windows\System\P2SMON.DLL file

To check the version of the P2SMON.DLL file if you do have one in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, right-click on the file, and click on the Version tab.

If it is an incorrect version, copy the correct version from another station, reboot your computer and test to ensure the error message does not re-occur when you close AyaNova.

If you can not copy the correct version of the P2SMON.DLL file from another station, contact AyaNova technical support, explain the error message you are receiving and that you would like us to send you a correct version of the file so that you can copy it into your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory

[b]Receive message "AyaNova could not open the database file

C:\Program Files\AyaNova\database\

The database driver gave the following reason"[/b]

There are two possible reasons for this to occur:

  1. When the error message shows the path with two “\” as in C:\Program Files\AyaNova\Database\ this indicates that the present Windows system files are not capable of running the AyaNova program.

Go to Microsoft Support and download the appropriate latest Jet 4.0 files for your operating system. Apply and reboot.

  1. Share level permissions and/or NTFS permissions on the database folder and/or files have been changed or not provided. AyaNova requires that FULL access to the database folder and files be given.

[b]Errors occurring when opening or editing work orders

“At GoExclusive access (all users out) unspecified error, You attempted to open a database that is already opened exclusively by user “admin” on machine ‘XXXXX’. Try again when the database is available.”


“In order to protect the integrity of your data you need exclusive access to the database to access this function. All other users must exit before proceeding.”


“At CString FetchField CWOHeaderDlg (CBRS): unknown error 0x800A0BCD, Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record. Query: first”[/b]

A user is going into an exclusive access part of the program such as adding or editing users or using one of the functions on the database utilities screen while there are still other users in the program.

Or they have started something like above while the other users were out, but subsequently another user went into the program while they were still busy doing the exclusive access operation.

Or a user has opened the file directly using Microsoft Access which will cause that error at other stations.


A. Set your virus scanner on all computers to not scan the SCDATA.SC file at the server or at the workstations. A virus scanner that is scanning the database file will kill performance and will lead to all sorts of strange intermittent errors so you should double check that’s not happening at any of the workstations running AyaNova (it only takes one) or at the server itself.

B. Double check that other users as well as yourself, do not have AyaNova opened into an exclusive access feature (creation of users, database utilities, etc). Or if you are attempting to enter an exclusive access feature, that all others including ARAS is shut down.

C. Shut down and reboot all computers related to AyaNova use - that have the program installed, or have/had the database opened via Access or have the database folder and file located locally.

D. If still experiencing an issue, after ensuring all users are out and having performed the two solutions above, email us directly. Please be sure to identify what steps you have already performed and the actual results of each of those steps.

[b]Attempting to log into AyaNova, a dialog box states the database is corrupted and states AyaNova can not repair itself and to contact tech support

Error may also state “unrecognized database format”[/b]

Both indicate that the database is corrupted. If AyaNova can not repair itself, there are four options:

Open the file in Access 2000SP1 or higher. You will be asked immediately when Access starts if you want to repair the database. It will then repair the database automatically. Once repair is complete it should open in AyaNova with no problems. Since the file is not a type recognized by Access, it will not be displayed in the file selection dialog box. You will have to manually type in the file name once you navigate to the correct directory, or temporarily rename the SCDATA.SC file to SCDATA.MDB which Access recognizes, repair the database then rename the file back for AyaNova to use.
Use the Microsoft utility program Jetcomp.exe which can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website at the following URL:;EN-US;295334 Or search for “jetcomp.exe” on Microsoft’s website.
We will attempt to repair it for you here. Compress the SCDATA.SC database file using WinZip (obtain an evaluation copy from if you do not have it) and email it to us explaining the situation
Restore the SCDATA.SC file from before the corruption occurred
Although AyaNova is not an Access database, you can also refer to the Microsoft article;en-us;209137 which provides both how to fix, and possible causes.

The AyaNova database can become corrupt for various reasons. Refer to “Repairing the AyaNova Database” section in the AyaNova CE Manual for possible causes that can than be remedied on your network.

The five main causes of database corruption are:

Database is suspect/corrupted because of interrupted write operation - computer crashed or network lost power etc
Faulty networking hardware - network wiring, network cards, hubs etc chatter, or are faulty
Opening and saving the file in another program
Jet database engine version is older than 04.00.4331
Mismatched versions of the Jet database engine - different computers on the same network accessing the same database have different versions.
It’s absolutely CRITICAL that your version of the JET database driver on any computer that will either run AyaNova or will run Access to open the AyaNova database (for example to repair it or import data) be version 04.00.4331 or newer due to a serious bug in the Microsoft JET database driver that can cause problems such as are happening to you. Once a station with the older version opens the database, it causes continuous problems until it is fixed, even if then used on systems with the correct driver.

In AyaNova it’s easy to check the version, go to Help->About->Detailed info for tech support button and check the line that says “Provider version” it should be 04.00.4331 or higher

To check the version on computers that do not have AyaNova installed check in the Windows\System folder for the following file


Right click on it from Windows Explorer and then click on the version tab to confirm the version number.

Note that AyaNova automatically installs the correct version, however it’s not unusual for other applications to downgrade it with the most common being Microsoft Office during setup or re-setup. The most common problem related to this is repairing the AyaNova database on a computer that did not have AyaNova installed to it but does have Access 2000, because it has the stock version of JET that came with Office 2000 which is quite outdated now.

If older than 4.00.4331 you should upgrade immediately by by going to the Microsoft Support site and download the latest version.

Only the JET requires updating, ignore the other links. The JET download link will take you to Microsoft’s website where you can download the latest JET driver package. Carefully read that page as there are different versions for different OS’s.

Receive “Error at::CLoginDlg: Class not registered, (null)” errors:

An issue with MDAC or the Microsoft Jet database engine is the cause.

Do a search about MDAC / Jet for information on downloading and re-installing MDAC and Jet on your computer.

If using XP and unable to re-install MDAC, perform the following steps:

  1. Right-click on C:\Windows\Inf\mdac.inf and choose “install”.
  2. When prompted for the XP SP2 media, point to the “C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386” folder.
  3. When prompted for the “handler.reg” file, point to the “C:\I386” folder.
  4. After install completes, reboot computer.
  5. Open AyaNova and should work fine.

AyaNova appears to be running slowly

See the AyaNova CE Manual performance optimization reference section for detailed tips.