Contracts and minimum stock level

<P class=cite type=“cite”>I am glad to hear that you are planning a parts inventory capability in the new release. Are there any plans to expand the maintenance contract screen to allow for annual maintenance contract dates, pricing, etc. We are currently using a database software to keep track of all of our service history. This includes parts inventory and maintenance contract information. We created this ourselves and I would very much like to switch to a product like AyaNova, but before I will be able to convince my superiors to make the change, I would need to be able to accomplish at least everything we are doing now. Parts inventory and maintenance contract information are the only two areas that are currently not part of your product. My boss likes to be able to run a maintenance contract report monthly to see which contracts are coming up for renewal. We use this report to invoice from. Each machine under contract has a from and to date and an annual rate. I also use the parts inventory to generate a pars order report weekly. We have a minimum quantity field that we key on to generate the parts list needing to be ordered.

The next generation will include expanded Contract features as well as Banked Service, and will include a minimum stock level for parts.

You will be able to specify contract expiry date to obtain views and reports to remind yourself whose contract is about to expiry so they can be re-signed - for example a monthly maintenance contract report that shows all clients with contracts that will expire within that time period.

If notification has been subscribed to, you would also be able to be notified via email, text message and/or by popup as per the Notify By Date regarding the contract.

With Banked Service you will be able to enter in pre-paid amounts, or pre-paid for hours, or pre-paid for incidents; and within workorders automatically apply against these amounts for service provided. This also keeps a running tally so you can see at a glance what has occurred.

As inventory will be a full feature within the next generation, including minimum stock level requirements, you will be able to generate a report of parts that need to be ordered.

As well, we will have in the Purchase Order itself, the ability to display a list of all parts provided by that wholesaler that are below the minimum stock level so they can be easily selected and placed in the purchase order without having to run a separate report first, or do a manual inventory count.