Controlling which details are entered in workorder Service Notes

Is it possible to prevent details from a client service request from being duplicated in the Service Notes field? It is necessary for us in order to reduce clutter in the Schedule screen, and it seems that the only way to do it is to manually remove the duplicated info - is that correct?

Hi again Flood, yes that is correct. By default when you generate a service workorder from a CSR (client service request), the text entered in the CSR in its fields Reference #, urgency and Details are all copied to the Service Notes field, so that you do not miss anything that the client has deemed important to include.
See for more details.
If you do not wish data from the CSR copied to the service workorder, as you say, you would just edit the service workorder after it has been generated.

  • Joyce

Thank you for the explanation, I am glad I got to read this post. Now everything seems to be more clear to me!

Also too - if you are wanting to change what text shows when hovering over scheduled items in the graphical Schedule screen, do note that you CAN do this by editing the Workorder Item Summary Template section of Global Settings.
See about this and its tutorial link in the Help section

  • Joyce

Thanks for sharing. I am agree with you. I have used for scheduling the work orders.