Corrupt Database PLEASE HELP

Good Morning,

I emailed my database in to Ayanova support. I ahve a corrupt databse which will not come up when I start the program. I cannot figure out how to repair it. I have Access 2002 but thats not the version idctaed on the 3 methods of reapir.

What should I do?



Ontario Canada

Hi Melissa

Unfortunately, the database file sent is corrupted beyond our ability to repair.

You will need to restore from the most recent backup prior to the corruption.

And it would be highly recommended that you do review the Ayanova CE Manual ( ) section “Repairing the AyaNova Database” starting page 233 as this section includes possible reasons why a database may become corrupted, so that you can ensure it does not reoccur.

Do note that Access 2002 would have been fine to use to attempt to repair the database as it is a higher version than Access 2000 SP1. The manual suggests to use Access 2000 SP1 or higher.

Once you have restored your database, if you want to zip up your database and send it via direct email, I can also confirm that there is no issue with the existing database while you confirm the other common items identified in that manual section are accounted for to prevent corruption from re-occurring.

  • Joyce

Hi everyone I just wanted to say thanks so much!
I tried renaming the scdata.old to and it came up and worked great. I was able to login with my personal login and the date integrity appeasr to A =OK so far.

I won’t do that again!

However I want to mention that this happened AFTER a Windows update --------->

have a great weekend!