Crash issue in service workorder view

The crash occurs very consistantly when i am in the service workorder view. In other words i opened the program and clicked on the service workorder button at the right. Then in the top window where it shows sub items i click on the custom fields sub item and the program crashes. There are no actual crash messages the program merely stop responding the curso goes to an hour glass and i must end task the program I have tested on multiple computers with multiple users with the same results. Possibly an issue with my server??

This is the technical details that would have been sent to microsoft. I can also grab the dmp files that were going to be sent as well if someone lets me know an e-mail address to send them too.

szAppName : AyaNova.exe szAppVer : szModName : hungapp

szModVer : offset : 00000000

Don’t know that that will be at all helpful but i hope it is.


Let’s go step by step so I recreate the issue:

  1. Is this a trial AyaNova v3?

  2. What username are you logged in as

  3. The Service navigation pane is open with Service Workorders selected

  4. The Service Workorders grid is displaying on the right.

  5. What column field are you selecting on the right - are you selecting a workkorder number in the Workorder column? What workorder number are you selecting ? Are you opening a service workorder entry screen?


Sorry for the sloppy details here is the aditional information you requested.

  1. This is a licensed release copy of aya nova v3

  2. The username i have tried the process logged in as myself (David), mike and the manager account. The issue seem to occur only with myself and mike but not the manager account. Both myself and mike however do have manager permisions.

  3. The service workorder pain is open with service workorders selected

  4. The service workorder gird is shown at the right and no records are selected

  5. I am then selecting the custom fields from the service workorders pane

I have 10 columns currently available for viewing in my service workorders grid. When i decrease the number it seems to work but after an extensive amount of time, so it may be a problem with my server being to slow. I am running a 2ghz zeon server with 1gb or ram and a sat raid array. The view is currently filterd to about 50 workorders out of around 2500

AyaNova is actually busy get all records for that grid to display - a crash is not occurring.

What is occurring is that when you select the Custom Fields grid to display from the Service navigation pane, an hourglass occursas what is happening:as the Custom Fields grid is not filtered, a request forevery workorder item in every service workorder is being displayed - as a custom field is possible for every workorder item.

There are two situations here:

  1. As no filters are set for this grid, all possible records are being queried to display.

What is recommended is to place a filter on at least one column to restrict the number of displayed rows - as you probably don’t need to view every workorder item ever created.

For example, select the filter image on the Service Date column and select [Window - 14 Days] so it shows only records that have a Service Date between 7 days ago and 7 days ahead. Or select [Month - Current] to show records with a Service Date that fall in this month.

You can set as many filters on as many columns as needed.

We do have it listed in the Wish List and on our own internal list of features to add - the ability that default grid settings and filters could be assigned to users when they first log in. In this way a new user would not get every workorder ever made and have to make a filter. We also have on the Wish List to include the ability to be able to easily select “saved” views (filters already selected, column order already defined, etc)

  1. Are you presently running the default setup - single AyaNova installation using the default embedded Firebird server?

AyaNova users with a lot of data are encouraged to utilize the network Firebird configuration or the SQL Server network configuration.

The default installation utilizes the embedded Firebird server which many small companies either starting to use AyaNova, or with small number of workorders will find more than fast enough for their needs, in addition to not needing any additional configuration.

Instructions for installation and configuration for AyaNova use with the network Firebird server is outlined in steps in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Installation of AyaNova with the network Firebird Server” starting on page 536