Creating a report for a specific Client

I would like to create a report that is only used for workorder item and scheduled users for a specific client. I know I can filter on the client before running but i was wondering whether it could be done from a script within the report


I am pretty sure it could be done, would have to actually do it to know for sure. This would require a charge as we provide a much easier way to do it using the filter.If you would like to send details as outlined in Custom-report-templates topic, I can give you a quote to do this. I would first assume some sort of script that entails seeing IF the field equals the clients name, than show the data.

But as it is so much easier to just filter the grid before running the report, as well as you can than filter the grid for any client not just that specific client you have in the report’s internal script but instead use use the same report template for any client you filter via the grid from.

  • Joyce