Creating Filter With Custom "Start With"

I frequently use the “Starts With” filter to quickly narrow down specific parts in my inventory grids, however, lately I’ve noticed that it doesn’t always pick up everything. It seems to leave stuff off. This morning I was in the “Parts” section of “Adjustments” looking to see if someone had adjusted a part in and needed to just look at the parts that started with “ME-”. I created the filter on the “Part” column but it didn’t show anything. I can see parts that start with “ME-” in there but nothing is showing up in my filter. Any ideas as to what’s causing this issue?

Here is me creating the filter:

Here is the results of the filter:

Thank you for your help.

Ayanova v7.2.0.0 (Hotfix 1)
Windows Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Hi Jason

AyaNova gives you the option of being able to display the part format how you wish as set in Global Settings -> Part Display Format.

As per the grids filter only on the Part Name:

I am not sure what Part Display Format you have set, but if for example it is Number - name - manufacturer, the part that displays as “ME-DDR3-1333-4GB-CR Cruical DDR3 4GB 1333 CRsomethingsomething” part number is “ME-DDR3-1333-4GB-CR”, part name is “Cruical DDR3 4GB 1333”, than to do a custom filter Starts With: you would enter Cruic

What is the part name: for the part?
The first letters of that is what you would enter.

  • Joyce