Custom Fields not showing in Service Items Matrix


Is it possible to add the custom fields into the Service - Items Matrix?

We track every thing by a machine ID Number and although I can add Machine ID to the Unit via custom Fields I can’t add this into the Service - Items Matrix as a column, this would be a great advantage as when the customer calls and quotes their ID Number we will be able to see if a call is logged and if so, have a look at the call details.



Custom Fields are viewable in grid format via the Custom Fields grid in the Service navigation pane. This grid includes fields from the Custom Fields sub-screen, the workorder item, and the workorder.

A suggestion if you utilize a machine ID to track a unit instead of its serial number, is to localize the Serial Number field in the unit entry screen to Machine ID. Localization presently is via the Administration navigation pane. Localization occurs when you first log in, so logout and back in to see any changes.

The Serial Number for units selected does display in the Items grid, as well as within the Custom Fields grid. If you localize the Serial Number as custom text, that localized text will display as the column header instead of Serial Number.

The localized field text field label Machine ID will display in the Unit entry screen along with the unit’s model.

You can also edit within Global Settings in the Administration navigation pane as to how you wish the unit name to display