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I am using custom fields for dates on the workorder screen. I have created a detailed report and have chosen the databinding - text - format mm/dd/yy, but it continues to display 12:00am after the date. How do I remove the time from the date.

Hi Keisha

-Export a copy of your custom report template
-Zip it using WinZip
-Attach it to your reply
-Include in your reply the exact Field Name you are attempting to change the date/time display on and what detailband it is in- so that I know exactly which you are referring to.

p.s. I’ve moved this topic to the AyaNova v3 Printing & Report Templates section of this forum as this is in regards to designing report templates

  • Joyce

Attached is the report. I want all the fields that are dates to show dates only, no time.

Hi again

Because this is an original report template, I can not import it without deleting the original report.

Please provide what this report template was called before it was renamed so that I can delete the original and than import this report template you have provided.

  • Joyce

progress report

Hi again

There is not a grid in AyaNova called Progress

But I clued inthat this is the original sample report template Custom Fields from the Custom Fields grid in the Service navigation pane.

Because this is a summary report template (as only summary report templates can be created from the Customm Fields grid), you can not use the FormatString setting for the datafield.

You would use as per the example in the topic How-to-format-date-field-if-using-Summary-report-template-designer because this is a summary report template.

I do not have your data here to know exactly what you have set for the custom fields, but am assuming from your support request and the fields in this report that the field under "rec’d"has beenset to thedatatype of Date or Date/Time.

I’ve attached a copy of your report template following the steps in the above forum topic for the field xrLabel4 which is bound to the data WorkorderServiceCustomList.LT_WorkorderItem_Label_Custom1

Import this report template, select the field xrLabel4, and see the script I have copied from that forum post into the OnBeforePrint script, and how I have set the FormatString property for that field.

You can refer to this field, copying the same script to the OnBeforePrint property for the other custom fields that you want to have show only the Date, as well as setting the FormatString property for the other fields.

Let me know this gets you going.

  • Joyce

The script seems to be the same. Can you email me the script and I can put it into the report?

I figured it out. Thank you so much for your help.