custom filter issue

ok if i save a filter they seem to work until i try and edit the filter

then all filters disapear then the database errors out.

once this happens i start loosing the data. the database will then

stop working totally.

i have to then use a backup copy of the firebird database .

if i dont mess with the filters everything works fine


Hi Randy

What I would recommend is that you update to AyaNova v3.2 as per

Once you have successfully updated, if you have an issue with a custom filter, please always provide specifics such as which grid, which column in that grid, exactly what are you selecting in Operator and in Operand in a custom filter, etc. Also, always provide exact text of any error message(s).

Thank you

  • Joyce

i wasnt clear./ i already upgraded to 3.2 .

this is where i am having issues with the filters.

the new filter save option. i can create a filter and save it . but if i try and edit it or save the filter as the same name

ie custom filter name ALL

now i customize it further and want to save it as the same name ALL again . it locks the database up .

and then am not able to use the database again . its toast.

have to use a backup copy.

the second thing i noticed is that the filter is opened .it will loose all filters i have saved that is about the same time it toasts the database.


Hello Randy
I am not able to recreate an issue with the Filter Drop List.

Please provide exactly what you do in what grid so I can recreate here.

What navigation pane are you in?
What gird in that navigation pane are you in?
What column or columns in that grid do you filter?
Exactly what do you select for the filter(s)?
What does the Filter Drop List say at this point - does it say “Unsaved Filter”?
Do you than click on the Save button in the Filter Drop List?
What do you select and enter in the Filter window when saving?
Now what filter view is selected in the Filter Drop List?
Do you than edit what filter(s) on this select view or ?
What do you select than?
Please provide specifics

You also say performing the above “toasts the database” - I do need exactly what happens that gives you the impression the database needs to be restored - if you get an error message, provide all of the text of the error message.

This is very important for us to be able to recreate what is occurring for you, so that we can help you and provide a fix if there is an issue.

I await your details.

  • Joyce