Custom Filter on Workorder Category error using 'contains'

On version 3.2.1 on our SQL Express database I have created a Workorder Category called ‘Account Admin Emma’.

Onboth the Service Workorders and Preventative Maintenance grids when I try and filter on the Workorder Category using ‘custom’ and the operator ‘contains’, I find I am unable to enter the characters’i’, ‘k’, ‘m’, ‘o’ or ‘y’ in the operand field and theyact as a tab back to the operator field.

Regards - Brian

Hi Brain

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will take a look and identify what is occurring.

  • Joyce

Hi Brian

This is a recreatable issue with the third-partymodule we use for grids and filtering. We have posted it to their forum and will update AyaNova with the fix from them when it becomes available.

At this time, you can not type in such letters as an Operand if using a custom filter.

Do note that if you are wanting to display records that have a specific Workorder Category selected, as Workorder Category is itself not a text field but is a drop down selection in a workorder, you don’t have to use a custom filter, but just select the filter icon in the coilumn heading, and than scroll down the drop list and select that workorder category "Account Admin Emma’.

Or if you want to show workorder records that do not have that category selected, drop down the filter on that clolumn heading and select (Blanks)

Or if you have a number of different workroder categories, and you want to see workorder records that have "Account Admin Emma’. selected or a different category selected, select the filter on the column heading, and make multiple conditions - i.e Equal to "Account Admin Emma’ for the first condition, Add a new condition, Equal to and the next workorder category and so on.

  • Joyce

Hi again

Just wanted to post here as well as in the Known Issues & Updates a workaround for this issue:

Open NotePad
Type in the complete word or phrase you wish to use
(for example, if wanting a filter with Operator of Contains and Operand of Bob, type the word Bob into the Notepad document)
Copy the word or phrase that includes those characters “i” “o” etc
Paste into the Operand
You can now select OK and the filter will now work correctly.

  • Joyce


Do please refer to the AyaNova Known Issues & Updates for information on applying the v3.2.5 update which addresses this issue.

  • Joyce