Custom report templates

For those that would like custom reporting - whether a full custom report template or support with a specific aspect of a report template.

Step #1 Determine if the report template you need is already provided, or the question you have is already posted

  • when AyaNova is installed, numerous sample report templates are included.

  • View each of the many grids in AyaNova, and drop down the Print menu option to see the example report templates provided for each grid (as different data can be reported on depending on the grid)

  • check out the additional examples in the Printing & Report Templates section of this forum

  • if a report template is “close” to what you want, it can certainly be customized further

Step #2 If the existing report template needs customization or you have a question on how to customize some aspect:

  • The AyaNova Help documentation provides numerous tutorials walking you through how to do many basic customization steps
  • Start with the first tutorial on how to add your logo to a report template , and than the next tutorial and so on
  • Refer to the many examples in the Printing & Report Templates sections of this AyaNova Support Forum

Step #3 If the customization is something that you do not want to/ can not do / not sure what to do / can not find an example of, send details via direct email to and we would be happy to provide a quote

Make sure to provide ALL of the minimum following:

  • what version of AyaNova are you using? (select menu Help -> About AyaNova -> provide the full number, not just the first number - i.e.
  • what grid and/or entry screen do you need this report template to be available from
  • if customizing an existing sample report template, you HAVE created a copy of the original and working with the copy, not the original.
  • export the copy of the report template to a file and attach along with any questions (see Help section if not sure how to export a report template file)
  • provide detailed information exactly what you want the report template to do, what it is doing instead, identify specific fields where you want data to display by their default label name from the AyaNova entry screen, what the issue is, if errors full text of the error, what was done in full before receiving the error, etc etc
  • a mockup of what you want the report to look like - identifying what is preset text, what is data from what fields in what AyaNova entry screen, if fields are derived what AyaNova fields they are derived from, etc.
  • If report will use logos or images, be sure to provide also attached to your email
  • Any additional information you believe may be relevant that will help me understand how the report will look and act with actual data and how it will react based on the data.

Quick response:
If a quick report template question will take less than 10 minutes to answer, we are happy to help point you in the right direction at no charge.

Detailed response:
If the customization or question requires more than 10 minutes to answer (whether because of the expertise needed or because not enough details were not provided), certainly am happy to help - fees will occur

Total time is charged for - which includes obtaining details needed for how the report template is to look, what fields are to be included where, researching to determine if what you want a report to do is even possible, researching to see what specific C# scripts would be able to be used, etc - all of these take time that will be charged for - not just the final report template file.

If your question/customization would take more than 10 minutes, we will email you back with a extremely general quote range to confirm that you would like to proceed, and an URL to make initial payment and what that initial payment will cover.

No work will be performed until fees have been paid for that portion of research/customization.

Note that if the requirements of the report template you want change (i.e. now want different field shown, or now want different fields to be added up, etc etc) this can have a impact on what has been done so far, and any previous payments/quotes may no longer be applicable as now the requirements have changed.

Remember, you can certainly customize report templates yourself!
But if you would like report templates customized for you, do provide full details so that we can answer quickly and preferably with no charge to you; or if a charge, as minimal as possible for you.