Custom Reports - without purchasing crystal reports program

Offer with your Ayanova package 2cutomized reports that customer can specify data they need to see. This way the customer has your standard reports plus 2 reports specific to their needs.


AyaNova v3 no longer requires Crystal Reports to customize or create new reports.

Crystal Reports was required for the previous version of AyaNova CE One of the many new included features of AyaNova v3 is that AyaNova v3 comes standard with an internal report designer so that you can easily customize reports yourself as well as create new reports.

The AyaNova v3 Manual includes the section “Creating Custom Reports” that includes information on this feature and a number of tutorials such as editing the font, layout, including logos and more.

Also if you have an idea of a report that would be of use to other AyaNova users too, do provide the information. You can also share a report template by sending it to us and we will post it in the forum AyaNova v3 Report Templatesfor all AyaNova users.

  • Joyce