Customer Notes not showing?

I often have calls that requires codes, passwords etc - I have these entered in as customer notes. I just entered a customer note, modified the Dispatch work order and the notes printed okay. I then modified the same notes from the same client and reprinted the dispatch work order - The notes from previously were still there? Double checked the client and the new notes were then - Just the print for some reason? In the report I used:

ReportDataSet - WorkorderHeader.LT_Client_Label_TechNotes

Which show up in the fields area as Schedulable User Notes. I am pretty sure I am using the right field?


If you have a question regarding a report template, always include an export of the report template itself along with details regarding your question (exact field in the report template etc) - otherwise I am guessing what you have setup and what you are seeing, what you are using, what dataset is being used etc.

Please also identify the exact field referring to in your question - Which Notes field in the Client entry screen did you enter text in - The Schedulable User Notes, the Popup Notes or the General Notes?

As the datafield WorkorderHeader.LT_Client_Label_TechNotes refers to the Schedulable User Notes in the Client entry screen.

I would suggest rechecking the field you entered text in the client etnry screen and than perform it again.

  • Joyce

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