Customer Receipt

Is there currently a way to provide a customer with a receipt for equipment that they have brought in for repair?

What is suggested is to utilize the Dispatch Workorder report as it comes standard with a customer signature line, as well as displays the unit serial number and description, and technician details for service.

You can also create a copy of this report,customize it to display exactly what data and text desired, and add it to the list of reports accessible from the workorder reports Print selection so it can be printed off at the time when the customer drops off the equipment for repair.

All reports available from workorders and the Reports screen can be customized as well as new reports created for use with AyaNova using Crystal Reports 9 or higher and a database development application that allows you to open a JET 4.0 database and create and test queries - such as Access 2000SP1 or higher. A tutorial on creating a report for use with AyaNova is found within the AyaNova Manualsection “Customizing Reports” starting on page 242.

If you are not familiar with Crystal Reports, you can contact one of the developers listed on ourLocal Services web pageor search the Internet for Crystal Reports developers or check for local Crystal Reports developers in your area such as your local computer center. The Crystal Reports developers listed on our Local Services web page are familiar with creating and customizing reports for use with AyaNova, and have done so for other companies needing this service.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. We looked at using the “dispatch work order” but it just doesn’t really fit to give the customer, makes us look like we don’t have the proper tools. And as we don’t really do any database work or application development I guess I’ll check and see if someone on that list can help us out. Any plans on including a customer receipt in future releases of this product? I am amazed that we are the only one that would utilize this.

Thanks again.

As every service organization may have slightly different needs for a dispatch report, the report is fairly generic so that users can customize it or get it customized as needed.

The next generation AyaNova will include internal report customization. Do refer to theforum on AyaNova v3 for more information.