Customer settings not recalling when invoicing from Ayanova

Whenever I invoice a workorder from Ayanova to QuickBooks, the customer settings do not get “recalled” on the invoice. Specifically, I have different templates for different customers, shipping methods, and whether or not to print or email the invoice. This is very time consuming to have to recall this info for each customer. Is there anyway to have this info pop up on the invoices that are generated by Ayanova?


What template for invoicing billable items from an AyaNova workorder through to the QuickBooks client is dependant on the Invoice Template you have selected in QBI Preferences. I’m looking at QB 2010 US here, but I could not see where you could set a default Invoice Template for a specific client in QuickBooks itself - could you provide that a screenshot showing where you select that for each specific QB client?.

Whetherthe To Be Printed in an invoice is checked or not is dependant on what you set in the QBI Preferences. Setting the To Be Emailed is not an option provided by Intuit to us developers.

What Ship To address to use in an invoice (if this is what you mean “shipping methods”) is whatever is the default of that QuicKBooks client’s Ship To default address. If you mean something else, do provide a screenshot of what you have set in the QB client entry screen so that I can recreate here.

  • Joyce