Customize toolbar buttons

We would like to customize the buttons shown to users in different toolbars. For example, if one of our users is viewing a customer service request having the status “Open”, he is presented with a toolbar where he can use three buttons (“Accept to new workorder”, “Accept to existing workorder” and “Reject service request”). We want the user to have acces only to the “Accept to new workorder” button.

The settings for the security groups don’t seem to help very much.

Hello John

Customization of which specific menu options are available, is not possible with AyaNova.
The rights of an Object in an AyaNova security group also dictate also what menu options are available.

If a security group has rights Read/Write to the Object.ClientServiceRequest, then all three of those menu options will be made available.
If a security group has right Read Only to Object.ClientServiceRequest, then none of those menu options will be available.
It is not possible to pick and choose.

  • Joyce