data portal

is it possible that you can explain how to setup a data portal between my laptops that have hi speed internet access and my server back at the office? i really need to get this online and my supervisors cannot seem to wait for the web acces feature to come online. any info would be great. thanks


Do you have a specific step of those provided in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “<A name=_Toc127943607>Installation of AyaNova for a remote computer via the Data Portal</A>” starting on page 556 that you need additional information on?

  • Joyce

i guess what i need to know is how to setup the port and forward it and allow it through my firewall. but i think that i need a network admin to do that.

Hi again

Your network administrator will want to refer to your network firewall’s documentation, and network router’s documentation on setting up port forwarding as there are hundreds of many different firewall and router products available and we won’t neccessaily know exactly the procedure for your specific firewall and router.

If your network administrator has a question, we would be happy to help where we can. Do have your network administrator provide details.

We will move this topic to the AyaNova Data Portal section of this forum.

  • Joyce