Database Copying

Can a database be copied from one computer to another. I have/had the original database, but it needs to be transfered to another computer instead of the computer it was originally installed on. The computers are not networked together but will not longer be used on the original computer it was installed and created on.

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First off, I have to caution you that the following is only in the case where the database is being moved . Copying the database, and running multiple databases is a violation of the AyaNova license agreement and subject to legal action.

That being said, yes, you can move the database to another computer that is ready to accept the AyaNova database.

What exact steps are to betaken depends on what configuration the existing database is set up for on the original computer.

If you identify what is the present setup - stand-alone default installation, network Firebird Server configuration, SQL Express 2005 configuration or SQL Server configuration (if you are not sure, than attach a copy of your AyaNova.exe.config file) - I can provide that, or point you to a topic that already covers that in the forum.

  • Joyce

It would be installed on a stand alone computer and just copied and sent to someone else to use the file instead on their computer and no longer used on the original computer.


Hello again Debbie

If AyaNova v3 was installed for the stand-alone configuration (default installation) and being moved to a computer also using the stand-alone confiugration (default installation), than you would do the following:

-on the other computer, they would have installed AyaNova v3 taking the defaults
-on your original computer, move the AYANOVA.FDB database file from your computer to the other computer, replacing their existing AYANOVA.FDB file
-Then on your computer, you would uninstall AyaNova via Add/Remove Programs from your Control Panel
-And you would then open Windows Explorer, move to the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc folder and delete any remaining files and folders after the uninstallation.

  • Joyce