Database error

AyaNova seems to have taken a dive on us. When we try and access the DB, we get the error in the attached:

When we click OK, we get into the Workorders window, but no workorders are present. We have rebooted the server.


Please zip up your AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC using WinZip and attach it to an email directly to

Include in your direct email message your manager password

Also include your username and password please

We will take a look at the database and get right back to you.

  • Joyce

In this instance a workorder record had become corrupted. We repaired the database and reset the internal indexes for workorders.

The AyaNova database can become corrupt because of various reasons.

The AyaNova CE Manual technical section"Repairing the AyaNova Database" outlines possible causes that can than be remedied on your network.

The five main causes of database corruption are:

Database is suspect/corrupted because of interrupted write operation - computer crashed or network lost power etc
Faulty networking hardware - network wiring, network cards, hubs etc chatter, or are faulty
Opening and saving the file in another program
Jet database engine version is older than 04.00.4331
Mismatched versions of the Jet database engine - different computers on the same network accessing the same database have different versions

For AyaNova CE users that may encounter an error message logging into AyaNova CE, the AyaNova CE Manualand the AyaNova CE Technical Answers web page contains information on issues and errors that may occur with AyaNova CE, and recommended solutions.

  • Joyce