Dataportal 4 fix if remote users in different time zone

Note the new Time Zone feature of AyaNova 6 - see the AyaNova 6 Help file **

Known Issue:
detailed report displays time incorrectly if user connects to database via dataportal and is located in different time zone from database
Example of what the issue is:
[li]AyaNova database and dataportal are setup on server in western USA in Pacific TIme Zone[/li][li]User physically located in eastern USA with Eastern Time Zone connects to database in pacific time zone via dataportal connection[/li][li]Service Workorder has a Service Date of 10-10-2008 5:00PM[/li][li]User prints a detailed report template for a service workorder that shows this Service Date[/li][li]The report will incorrectly show a time of 2:00PM instead of 5:00PM[/li][/ul]
[/LIST]NOTE: this issue only occurs with a remote user running a detailed report template that has connected via dataportal where the database is a different time zone than where the user is.

NOTE: This fix is only if you are presently using AyaNova If you are using an older version of AyaNova 4, you must upgrade all to before performing the following steps. Issue does not occur with newer versions of Data Portal

  1. At the server where the AyaNova Data Portal is running and where the AyaNova database is, download the file
  2. On the server where the dataportal is installed and running from, open the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova folder
  3. Use WInZip to extract the zipped file GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll and overwrite the existing GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll
  4. The GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll file in this folder should now be dated 10-10-2008 2:22PM (PST)
  5. Use NotePad to open the Web.config file in this same folder and add a space in the comment line <!–*** and Save and exit out of the file. Editing this Web.config file causes the Dataportal files to be reloaded, so the new GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll is loaded. Otherwise you have to completely reboot the server.
  6. Now have the remote user that connects via dataportal start the AyaNova program and log in, and run the detailed report and confirm that the time displayed on the report is the same time that displays in the AyaNova workroder entry screen.