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I recently updated from Version 6 to 7 and find that date format when selecting from a calender is in the American format - it display in European format on the screen once selected. Also dates are printing in the American format in my reports, I need dates in European format. Worked fine in version 6.

Can you help



Hi Matsui

I set a computer up with regional settings for Ireland (from Control Panel - set the Format, Location, Time Zone, etc etc)
Opened AyaNova 7
And dates displaying in grids and fields are in the format as set in the computer itself - i.e. dd/MM/yyyy

How the AyaNova program displays dates depends on how your computer’s regional settings itself are set up as per Tips & Tricks > Currency, Date & Time Display

I am not sure I understand what you mean by “when selecting from a calendar is in American format”? Do you mean for example in the Labor subsection of the workorder, if you were to drop down on the Service Start Date & Time, it shows a graphical calender where you select the date you want? If so, I am not seeing how this is in an American format?

Please provide an example of what grid/screen you are in AyaNova, what specifically you are selecting, what specifically you are seeing, etc as sorry, but not following what the issue is nor what meant by “when selecting from a calendar is in American format”.

How dates display in a report are also dependant on how and if they have been formated in that report template.
Perhaps the report template you are viewing has its date fields specifically formated to show using American format? I would recommend opening the report template in the designer, and checking what the format is for the datafield if set at all - even specifically set it to the date field you wish.
If you are not sure, do provide the following and happy to take a look for you:
[ul]export the report template to a file and send to us[/ul]
[ul]identify which specific field in the report template by its name[/ul]
[ul]identify what the date field in your actually entry screen specifically shows and its format (i.e. 24/02/2011 format of dd/MM/yyyy)[/ul]
[ul]And identify when you print preview this report, what specifically shows in that field.[/ul]

Let me know - I may be misunderstanding what you mean, and specifics will make sure I do recreate what you see and can help! Do let me know.

  • Joyce

Hello again

We have released a QuickFix for to resolve an issue with date fields in some entry screens.

Please see topic AyaNova-7.x-Maintenance-Update-Fixes-& -QuickFixes

I do apologize for not getting this earlier as assumed from your post you were referring to the Schedule screen and grids. Please, if an issue in the future, do provide specifics so that we can resolve right away - such as identifying a specific entry screen and specific field by its name.

  • Joyce