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Just going through the WBI setup for v4 that we’re starting to use. I was meaning to look into this earlier with version 3 but never did.

Is there a way to change the default theme - permanently and for new users too.

I know there is the preferences section, but how do you only one theme - like the web20 I want to make the system default theme.




Hi Steve

The way it works with themes is, any folder found under the App_Themes folder will be listed as a choice in the user preferences page automatically. This is also covered in the WBI Help section on Skins

What this means is with the default WBI installation, the folders under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\AyaNovaWBI\App_Themes dictate possible themes, with the first one listed as the initial choice if the user has not yet set a Preference.

If you want to only have Web20, than do the following:

  1. Have each username that has previously logged in via WBI,log in via WBI and make surehas selected Web20 as their Preference. Close the browser.

  2. In the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\AyaNovaWBI\App_Themescut the folders Default, WebBlue and Outlook, and move to another location (this is instead of deleting while you are first testing this - can fully delete later if wanted when sure everything ready to go)

  3. Now log in as one of these users, and you will see that it defaults to the Web20, and in Preferences, Web20 is now the only available selection.

NOTE: If a user did not previously select Web20 before you did the above, and when logged in via WBI, the full skins are not coming through, just have them select Preferences and click on Web20, and than it will stay at that from than on, even when they next log in.

  • Joyce

ahh, so there’s no way to make one theme the default for future users without having them log in and choose the theme?

I apologize, I misunderstood your original question - I thought your original question was how to make Web20 as the only available theme.

I will have to get back to you on this as not sure exactly what determines it - if it is the first theme listed alphabetically, or if it is the theme called Default.

Do note that if you rename a folder, you do have to edit every one of the subsequent css files as they refer to that specific folder name. For example, you can not just rename the Web20 folder to Default, as the css files that are in its subfolder will no longer work if you do that.

  • Joyce

well I was looking to make the web20 the only theme, so I had tried to just move all other theme folders to another place; but when getting another tech to login and try it would not select the web20 theme.

I did just try complete renaming of the folder and css files from web20 to default; and that seems to have solved that.

Not sure if there’s a spot in the rest of the code that searches the theme folder to help out or not, I’m satisfied with the little coding. :slight_smile: