Deleted a Customized Field

Joyce please help.

I was entering my customized fields for units and Ideleted the entire row instead of just thewording in the first column. (hope that isn’t too vague)

I’ve tried closing out and getting back in but row 3 does not return. I had touncheck the visible box to make it disappear from the unit entry screen.

Is the deleted row gone for good or can it be retrieved? I don’t have a backup, however, I just started entering specific information today and it wouldn’t be terrible to restore my back up from yesterday.

Please help,


Hi Jeff, sorry, not sure at all what you mean.

Did you exit out of AyaNova and than log back in and is the issue still occurring?
Give me the steps what was done from what fields in the Unit Custom Field Design are customized to what was done in the Unit entry screen so that I can recreate here to see what is happening.
What row in what screen did you delete?
what custom fields in the Unit’s Custom Field Design had you enabled?
Can you attach a screenshot of your Custom Fields Design for Units, and a screenshot of a Unit entry screen - zip up using WinZip and than attach.

  • Joyce

Yes I’ve logged out and then back in several times and with various users that I’ve setup. The problem still occurs.

I’m attaching screen shots of the step by step.


Wow that is something no one else has ever done before :slight_smile:

Sorry but there is no way to retrieve once deleted. This is why when you go to delete a record it always asks you to confirm before deleting because once deleted, the deleted record is not retriveable.

Yes, you will want to restore from backup as it is not possible to re-enable this once done so.

I will make a note to development to look into preventing any deletion of these rows in the Custom Field Designer for a future version.

  • Joyce

I guess there’s always a first.

I’ll be more careful in the future.

Thanks Joyce


Do you forsee any issues occurring from that deletion if I don’t restore a back up and just leave it as is?


Hi again Jeff, if you have that deleted row set to Visible, you will see that in the Unit entry screen it will show the field labeled as Unit.Label.Custom3 as there is now no way to edit what displays as the labelfor that custom field.

So as long as you either don’t need that custom field 3 and set not to be visible, or don’t mind that it is always labeled as Unit.Label.Custom3 in the unit entry screen, no there won’t be any other issue with it.

Hope this helps.

  • Joyce