Delivery charges


I try to found but i didn’t see anayware a function where i can charge shipping ? There is ?

I will state that i want to send part to customers and charge for delevery. I tryed to created a part that is a service and not material like in my acconting software but look like is not working like that in your software.

Unfortunately didn’t get from you specific details on exactly what you did to “create a part that is a service” so that I could understand what you did do.

Here are two possible suggestions:

  1. Create a part called Shipping and select it in the workorder after having put into inventory enough quantity

a. Create a part called Shipping
b. Create a Part Adjustment entering for example a quantity of 9999999 into inventory of this part
c. Now when you select the part Shipping in a service workorder, it won’t tell you there is none in stock - you can just select, and edit the price to charge.

See also the Help documentation on Inventory Adjustments

  1. Or enter the charge as a Expense in the workorder if using the full AyaNova (AyaNova Lite does not have a Miscellaneous Expense subsection in the workorder entry screen).
    See also
  • Joyce


What I try to say it is precisely your solution one or we create a part and … I was also trying to explane that in my accounting software we can create part and specify if it is a part or a service because i’m selling part and service.

but I am surprised that your aplications does not support shipping … I’m sure that i’m not the only one that is sending par to a customer … ???

Hi again

AyaNova does support shipping, as it support any charges - via either of those two suggestions below.

It is correct that AyaNova does not provide where you specify whether a part is a service or an item - as service would be a rate which are selected when entering Labor. Instead, if you want to have Shipping as a part, and you have inventory enabled, than you would do as per suggestion #1 - add a large quantity of it via an Adjustment so you don’t have to do a part request. Or enter Shipping as an additional Expense (as its not a part per se).

  • Joyce