Detailed Workorder with totals

Is it possible to eliminate the tax fields within each band and just calculate the total tax at the bottom of the page where the grand total is? All I want for $ fields is the Net price displayed without all the subtotals for the tax included in the LINE TOTAL (Shipped * Unit Price). I prefer to keep each band (labor, parts, travel, etc) showing only the following fields:

Part No | Description | Req. Qty | Shipped | B/O | Unit Price | Discount | Net Price
100-0101 | Onsite Labor | 2.50 | 2.50 | 0 | 90.00 | 0 | 225.00

20-0502 | 600W Power supply | 1.00 | 1.00 | 0 | 119.99 | 0 | 119.99

50-0001 | Travel Time | .25 | .25 | 0 | 55.00 | 0 | 13.75

                                                                                                           Net Labor              358.74
                                                                                                           Net Parts               358.74
                                                                                                           [u]Net Travel         358.74[/u]
                                                                                                                 HST                  44.84
                                                                                                            [u]Shipping              0.00       [/u]  
                                                                                                          [b]Total Due               403.58[/b]

I find the sample workorders are far too cluttered with all the extra info. Every effort to achieve the above look breaks the totals at the bottom of the workorder. I would like to calculate the tax ONLY at the bottom of the page and base it ONLY on the Net amounts for Labor, Parts, Travel etc.

Note: Alignment of columns in this post is hard to accomplish so I divided each field with the “|” character to designate the column start

Hi Steve

The Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report template obtains the grand totals at the bottom by having running totals from each of the subsections. So, if you remove those subsections where the grand total gets the running total from, you will not get correct grand totals at the bottom.

Also review the post Report-for-a-list-of-workorders-with-grand-totals

If you want to not use running totals, a suggestion would be to do as per the example in topic Sample-Detailed-Workorder-report-template-where-totals-derived-from-scripts

And as always, happy to provide a quote for custom report template design - just provide as per the forum topic Custom-report-templates

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce,
The example “Sample-Detailed-Workorder-report-template-where-totals-derived-from-scripts” clarified how to accomplish this!