Differentiating between the Part's Serial Number and the Unit's Serial Number column in the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane

Open the Service navigation pane and select the Parts grid.

On the right will display the columns that are viewable from this grid.

For example, you might want to sort by certain part numbers so that you can see at a glance which serial numbers are assoicated with which workorder numbers.

When you view the columns, you may note that there are two columns both labeled “Serial Number”

This is because one is for the serial number for a part, and the other is for a serial number for a Unit selected in that workorder item.

If you are finding it hard to identify which column is referring to which serial number, you can create a custom locale for all users to use.

Refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Localized Text Designer” starting page 469 for an overview and steps on how to create a cusotm locale, how to edit, and how to assign to users.

AyaNova v3 Manual is available for download from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm

Edit the Standard Display Text of the Key Unit.Label.Serial to Unit Serial Number

Edit the Standard Display Text of the Key Part.Label.Serial to Part Serial Number

Edit your users via their entry screens to use this custom locale

Now when you view the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane, it will be easy to idnetify which column is for which serial number.

Remember, with custom locales, you can customize any label text to display as you need.