Directions to a customer in a work order

We are a small computer shop in rural Vermont and just starting an evaluation of AN3. I’ve looked through the manual and this forum and can’t find a definitive answer to this question. Most of our service work is in-shop, but often the customer wants us to come to them. I understand there is a MapQuest link that we can use, but most mapping services can be problematic here in the sticks. What would be ideal for us is to be able to print a work order which includes written directions to a customer’s location in addition to a MapQuest map. Is that possible?


I would suggest usingthe Schedulable User Notes field in the client entry screen to enter in directions to the clients location - and this way you only have to enter it once, and as long as the Scheduable User Notes datafield is set on the report template, it prints out for the tech to take along with the other information they need to perform service using the Sample Dispatching Report

For example of this:

-log into the trial AyaNova
-select to open the workorder 41 which is for the client Great Western Squirrel Supply
-click on the Client jump button (upper left hand corner button that says Client on it) - this will open the client entry screen for this client
-drop down the General Notes field that is on the right side and select instead to view the Schedulable User Notes
-enter in details of getting to a customer of yours location (i.e. take 101 north out of town, at 21.9 miles turn right on Denver, etc etc)
-Save & Exit the client entry screen - you are returned to the workorder entry screen
-select the Print menu and select the Sample Dispatching Report
-this will preview the sample dispatching report - that a technician may take with them when they go onsite to perform service as it identifies parts to use, service to be performed, tasks to be done etc
-in the upper right hand area under the workorder number will display whatever text was entered into the client’s Schedulable Users Notes field - which in this case will be the text instructions of how to get to the client’s location that you had entered into the client’s Schedulable User Notes field

Try this and let me know how this works for you

  • Joyce

:slight_smile: Thank you Joyce. I’ll try it out and get back to you.