Disable Google Toolbar Popups when using WBI

I wanted to post here in response to an email from a WBI user.

What was happening was that he thought there may be a compatibility problem using WBI if the web browser had Google Toolbar installed, because every time they clicked on a workorder # to view that workorder entry screen or to clicked on the + to create a new workorder, WBI would make a “sound”, flicker, and then continue to show the Service Workorders grid without showing the new browser page with the workorder entry screen

The issue turns out to be that the WBI user did not notice that the Google Toolbar by default does not allow any popups - and also was showing on the toolbar that a popup had been disallowed.

Once the WBI user clicked to allow popups for that WBI site, the workorder entry displayed correctly.

If you are experiencing an issue viewing entry screens via WBI, do check that popups are allowed for your WBI site. Also refer to the Google Help site on its toolbar http://toolbar.google.com/popup_help.html

  • Joyce