Dispatch Report by Scheduled User

How can I get the dispatch report to only print for a scheduled user (technician)? We need this because at the beginning of the day the technicians will print off all their work orders (work orders where they appear in the scheduled users). The workorder report can show full client address, workorder info, workorder item, and scheduled user info.

The Service grid will not allow to filter by user, so I cant only filter and print for one user.

The Service->Item->Scheduled user grid does allow to filter by user, but the report fields available does not have workorder/workorder info/client info available in the fields.

How can I accomplish having the all the information available in the workorder (Dispatch) report, but filter out for a particular user?



Do as per the How do I print out dispatches for myself from the Schedule screen? (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) in the AyaNova 5 Help file

As service workorder report templates are available from the Schedule screen, and this way it is really easy then for the tech to just view their schedule, select the workorder items they want dispatch reports about, and select the Print menu option and the report they want to print.

Have your tech’s follow along with the steps in the How do I…?'s

Also check out the many other How do I…?'s in the AyaNova 5 Help file for good overview and suggestions on use of AyaNova’s features, as well as the Tips & Tricks.

  • Joyce