Display sequence when sorting in grid

I have loaded a number of clientsand noticed that when displaying them in the grid using the Client as the sort key, they do not display in the sequence I would expect.

For example, I have3 clients one called ‘AFC’, one called 'AFV’and another called ‘Abbot’ … case is important. They are displayed in that sequence when I would expect ‘Abbot’ to be diplayed first and the case ignored.

I am a UK based company and my machines regional settings are set accordingly. Is there a system setting which effects the display sequence?

Regards - Brian

Hi Brian

The sort order is dependant on the database server used.

By default, the Firebird server (whether using the default stand-alone embedded or the network Firebird configuration) uses ASCII-Sort order.

The ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) guidelines are followed. This means internationally accepted standards for character values are used when determining sort order when using Firebird database server.

When yousort the client grid, for example, that the customer name Baker displays before the customer name baker, since B precedes b in ASCII sort order.

Do note that SQL Server (and the free SQL Express) by default sort Alphabetically without taking into consideration case.

The following chart lists characters in ascending order used by Firebird. Reverse the order to display in descending order.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce

Thanks for the quick reply on this.

Ihad a look at the Microsoft web site for SQL Express and the version they promote for download is SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and they say you MUST have .NET Framework 2.0 but I believe Imust use 1.1 with AyaNova.

Is that the case and am I stuck with Firebird until AyaNova is upgraded to supportversion 2.0?

Regards - Brian

Hi again Brian

Nope, you do not have to wait.

You would have Microsoft .NET Frame 1.1.4233 (make sure to have the service patch installed) for AyaNova v3, and you would have Microsoft.NET Framework 2 and any service patches installed for SQL Express 2005.

Both can be installed. Do note if setting up the AyaNova Data Portal with IIS, that IIS would need to point to using Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1.4233 (as AyaNova v3 needs to use 1.1.4233)

Many AyaNova v3 users are using SQL Express 2005 for the database server. Detailed instructions for setting up the AyaNova database via SQL Express is in the AyaNova v3 Manual technical section. Also note you only need .NET Framework 2 on the server where the database resides.

  • Joyce