Displaying Custom Fields on Client Grid

I am using the trial version of AyaNova v3 (all updates applied) and have been able to add custom fields to the client screens so that they are visible for every client I create or modify.

The custom fields are not however visble on the Clientgrid so I can filteron these new fields.

Should they be or do I need to do somethuing else to make them visible?


Custom fields are not filterable as a custom field could be any type of data, and the only way to allow filtering on a column is if AyaNova has it set in stone what data type it is. As AyaNova users want a choice of what a custom fields’ data type is (True/False, text, Date, Date/Time, Currency), we could not also provide the feature of filtering a custom field.

Do not that if you use a Detailed report template, you can select to display custom fileds from the Client entry screen in reports made from a Detailed report template

  • Joyce