Do Not Print Lines in A Table


I am creating a report where if the unit service type connected to a workorder item is of a certain value then I may or may not want it displayed in the report.

In the table xrTable1 before print I have placed code where if the value of of unit service type is not “Service” then it makes the table invisible. However in the report what you get is empty space. Where as what I am after is nothing.

I have searched the Ayanova site to no avail.

I have searched around the devexpress site and found references to where you can in effect skip displaying the lines by incrementing through the table. However I have not managed to get that working.


Martin Parsons

Hi Martin

Use the Items grid itself to filter - as all grids have thesorting ability and filtering ability so that you get the data you want to report on, and than you select the report template.

For example, filter the Unit Service Type column to only display records that are “Service” (if that is the Unit Service Type you want to see). Now only workorders items where that Unit Service Type is selected will display. And now you can print a report on the data.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

obvious when you think of it.

Thanks for the help.