Does the Mail feature only work from within Ayanova? Or is there a setup somewhere (that I couldn’t find) to will SMTP it out?

AyaNova Mail is an internal mail feature only as outlined in the AyaNova Manual and from the Help feature when pressing F1 from the Mail screen.

The mail feature in AyaNova is used to communicate between users of AyaNova. It is not linked in any way to external email, it is strictly internal to AyaNova.

It is typically used to inform AyaNova users of information pertinent to service. For example a sales person may use it to let a technician know that a client had called to enquire about the status of repairs.

It is also used by parts of the program to automatically notify users of events relevant to them.

For example when a unit that was sent out for repair is returned, the technician responsible will be informed that the unit is back automatically by AyaNova once the shipper / receiver has updated it’s status. See the “Shipping & Receiving” reference section for details on this feature.

Refer to the AyaNova CE 1.9 Manual section “AyaNova Mail” starting on page 116 for details.