Dual Monitor Support

I would love to see a proper implementation of dual monitor support. Currently when you are working with Ayanova CE, on a laptop with two monitors hooked to it, everything works great, you can have the main window in the secondary display, and the prompts come up in the main display to enter/edit things…

If you have a desktop that has two graphics card made by two different vendors, in this case, Intel and Nvidia, there is an issue with it as the windows to input data do not appear on the primary display… I have also tried this with two Nvidia cards, and two ATI cards, still the same problem…


Paul Haskew

TekWorks INC

San Diego, CA

Hello Paul, have you tested the AyaNova v3 with dual monitors?

We do not have dual monitors here to test with, so we would be interested in hearing from those that have - what version of AyaNova they have done this with, what monitors, what cards etc for the benefit of all.

  • Joyce