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In my business, I service iPods. When I receive one for service, I place it in a padded plastic bin and put it on a shelf pending the diagnostic or parts. I want to print a label with the work order number and the unit serial number to place on the bin. I can do this in the report editor, however, I want to use a DYMO label printer to print the tag. Can this be done? There is no label template in the report editor.

I also use the tags to ID accessories I take in like AC adapters, recovery CD’s and so on.

Thank you.

Hi Joshua

The Detailed report template does not have a Wizard because it can’t - a detailed report template is made up of many layers of data from many different tables, and the Wizard that the printing component comes with can’t handle it. A detailed report must have each datafield identified within a speciifc band tied to it - for example, only fields from WorkorderService would be placed in that band such as client and workorder number, but the unit is from the WorkorderService.WorkorderServiceItem band - and a label can not handle having all of these separate bands on it like a full page report template can.

What this means is a label can only be made from a Summary type report template, and a workorder entry screen’s Print menu displays only report templates created from the Service Workorder grid. But the unit serial number datafieldis only available in Summary style reports from the Items grid and below.

I have attached a summary style report template for an AVERY 4144 that has been edited in size to 350 and 112 (equates to 3 1/2 in and 1 1/8 in) label. Now as I do not have any individual label printer here to test this,and all sample labels with the Wizard show for sheets, not rolls, I not sure how thiswill turn out

Do note that this report template is only available from the Items grid (not from within the workorder entry screen) so that the Unit serial number is able to show as explained above. If the unit serial number is not required, than you can make a Summary style report template from the Service Workorder grid and it would be available for selection within the Print menu option within the workorder entry screen - select Label Wizard, pick AVERY 4144, edit height to 112, drag over the fields desired. Again, you may have to play with the margins and size depending on what your actual label size is.

Try it, play with it, do post back what you do.

  • Joyce