Edit default Work Order values

I am getting ready to create my first customer work order however, we want our work order numbers to containa letter as well. Can this be done by editing the value field? I am not sure which field in the localized text design that I do that in. Can you please help?

Hi Debbie

Workorder numbers are sequentialnumbers - they can not contain letters. Refer also to page 114 of the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Service Workorders”

You can edit the starting workorder number via the Global Settings in the Administration navigation pane. Refer to page 444 of the AyaNova v3 Manual section on Global Settings.

  • Joyce

Thank you I saw that in the manual I just didn’t know if you could actually edit the value type that went in the field.

I tried change the default work order starting number and I saved it and closed AyaNova and restarted it and the starting number is still showing 0

Hi Debbie

The instructions in the manual on page 444 states:

Even if you edit the Global Settings starting number, until you make a new workorder, pm, quote etc, the highest existing number is still the same as it was previously in the record .

So if you edit the starting number – you need to make at minimum one new workorder or new quote, etc to actually “set” the new starting number as the highest existing number.

You need to make a new workorder before exiting AyaNova or the new starting number will not take.

  • Joyce