Editing Tax Codes

Question received from AyaNova user:

I need to change the tax rate on parts sold to 7.25%
I went into the window that has the tax rates for Sales, Good and Sales, etc. The tax rates were 7.00% and were greyed out. I am logged on as the administrator. How do I change this?


The AyaNova v3 Manual contains detailed information on all features.

The AyaNova v3 Manual section “Additional Entry Screens & Grids - Tax Codes” on page 521 includes information on entering tax codes.

Information such as once a tax code has been created, it can not be deleted or the percentages edited. It can be set to inactive if no longer in use and the name changed

You would create a new tax code with the percentages you require, andas per the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Administration Navigation Pane - Global Settings” (which starts on page 442) on page 443 identifies where you would set the default tax codes for parts for any new workorders. As outlinedin this section, make the changes, exit out of AyaNova, and when you log back in, any new parts selected in workorders would default to using that set tax code.

Once a tax code is no longer selected as a default, you can set it to inactive in the Tax Code grid.

(do note that manual page numbers may change in future revisions of the AyaNova v3 Manual - its always easiest just to refer to the Table Of Contents in the manual for the sections)

We do encourage AyaNova users to post their questions directly into the AyaNova Support Forum for the benefit of all AyaNova users. You can also do a search of this forum using the Search menu option at the top - for example, enter in the word tax to get a list of all relevant topics where tax is talked about

  • Joyce

Hello Joyce,

It’s Ian from Vermont Computing.

I’ve rum into the same situation as the member that wrote the original query. My question has to do with parts that were entered on a work order and whose prices were calculated under the default (7%) tax rate.

Am I correct in understanding that once the price for a part has been has been calculated using (in this case) the default tax rate and the work order has been saved, one cannot change that entry to reflect a different rate?


Hi Ian

If parts selected in a workorder are now supposed to be charged out at a different tax rate, and the workorder is not yet closed, you would do the following:

-create a new tax rate via the Tax subgrid
-open the workorder and select this new tax rate for each part in that workorder
-save the workorder
-now the tax rate selected will be applied against the part price and quantity

Or if you mean And if this new tax rate will be generally for any new parts selected in workorders, than also do the following

-once the new tax has been created via the Tax subgrid
-change the Default Sales Tax selected in Global Settings to the new tax rate
-save the Global Settings
-Exit out of AyaNova and than log back in
-Now you can set what was previously the Default Tax Rate to inactive in the Tax subgrid

  • Joyce