Editor for ayanova reports?

Does anybody know if there isa report editor for Ayanova reports. I’m a new user to Ayanova and noticed once you have defined a new report using the wizard or directly you can not edit it anymore once you’ve saved the report and returned to the Ayanova user interface. Fine tuning afterwards is not possible anymore this way.

So far I could not find the option to do this in Ayanova.


/Dick Vanderkolk

Hi Dick

Yes, AyaNova includes the internal report designer which can be used to create new report templates as well as customize existing report templates.

To edit and customize an existing report template:

-select the Print menu to display the list of existinng report tempaltes for that grid or entry screen
-hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard
-and select the report template you want to customize.

I highly encourage you to review the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Creating Custom Reports” starting page 635 which includes a number of tutorials starting with “Tutorial: Text, Layout, Font and Image” on page 642 that goes through customizing an existing sample report template

Also this forum section includes many additional sample report templates that you can download and import and further customize as needed.

  • Joyce

Thx Joyce !