Enter and store labor rate with workorder

In our old MS Access job logging system we hadthe flexibility of entering and storing labor rates against individual jobs. There are standard rates and client contract rates but there are lots of occassions where we need to be able to override the standard and contract rate by entering a specific rate for a job.

With looking to implement AyaNova ver 3it would be very beneficial to us if Labor Rates worked in the same way as Parts, where the default/retail rate is pulled into the workorder which can then be overtyped.

From the documentation on AyaNova ver 3 I understandthat if a Labor Rate is changed it would effect all previously enetered workorders as they just refer/point to the rates, but by storing the Labor Rate with the workorder it would eliviate the need to create a new labour entry every time a rate changed.

Is there any chance that such a facility might exist in a future release, or have I read the documentation incorrectly and this is currently possible.


It is as you initially say - the labor price is obtained from the Labor Rate table, the labor price is not maintained with the workorder itself. With the method used by AyaNova - you select the specific rate for the service provided and that is maintained in the workorder.

Labor entries in a workorder do not display their price per quantity in that record for editing - only the selection of the rate and the quantity of the rate.

If a client is to be charged a different rate than normal, create a specific rate for that charge and select it in the workorder.

If you were able to edit the labor rate price, than you would not be able to create managemental reportsbased onspecific rates.

This way you can identify the quantitybeing charged at different rates, what technician is charging them, what clients are receiving them and so on. Such reports can be useful to identifying service needs, seasonal requirements, after hours service, staffing needs (different rates may be charged by specialists identifying need to hire more of these) etc.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce

Thanks for the update.

I understand the direction you are coming from, but I don’t quite see why I would loose management reporting functionality. For example, if I wanted to report by engineer or client how much ‘Out of Hours Service’ they had received I would analyse by the rate description and the rate value is not of significance … in our case that is.

However, using the standard rate facility of AyaNova if I have to create a new 'Out of Hours Service’record for every client I do work for at a different rate value, any analysis I do means I have to remember to select all of the potential rate types that fall within the Out of Hours category … nightmare!!

If I have a client I have a contract with where they get 10% discount on labour, but we have a specific job I want to give a flat fee of £30per hour overiding the contract and service ratehow do I go about it when I can’t enter the specific value on the Workorder and still keep management reporting selection simple?

Certainly for our operation having an overide facility the same as the Parts entry in workorders would make life so much simpler.

Regards - Brian

Hi again Brian

Thank you for your additional information on how your suggestion would be used. This gives us more information to allow us to understand the background and be able to incorporate into future version of AyaNova.

As the labor rate is obtained from the Rate table and not editable in the workorder itself, a separate service rate for different dollar amounts would need to be created if using the Labor sub-screen in the workorder. But a suggestion is you could set up a Part as a rate instead, and select this “part” in the Parts sub-screen in a workorder, identifying quanitity and editing the “part” price as needed.

Thank you again for your suggestion.

  • Joyce

Wecreated a Shipping part in AyaNova and it works well for us.

Wecreated a part in AyaNova named Shipping, created a non-inventory part in QuickBooks namedSHIPAYA, and linked them in QBI.

It works fineand saves us from having to edit the invoice toenter the actual Shipping costs.