Entering New Client Contact Info

Dumb question time!

OK, I have about 200 clients built in and I’m still trying to figure out the best way of entering the first contact record for the client.

When I first create a client, the only contact info at the bottom of the screen that I see is a greyed bar for inputting last name, first name, etc. When I click on it or the new record indicator, it moves down and a greyed line appears above it for phone info. So far so good, but these two lines are not associated with each other.

If I choose to enter the name info first, I then have to expand the contacts info down to enter the phone for that contact. But, if I do it this way there is a blank phone data entry line above this contact indicating a blank record. To avoid this, I have been entering phone info first then saving, closing and re-opening the client record to fill in the contact name.

What is the best solution for properly entering the first contact record of a new client?

Version 3.2.1 (Have 3.2.3 but haven’t upgraded yet)
SQL database



Hi Dan

The “grayed” rows indicate the row to begin entering a new record.

When you first click within any field of the Contact grid - you will actually see two contact rows - one with the Primary Contact column checkbox checked and a “grayed” phone record row directly under it, and one contact record"grayed" with no phone record row under it (you might have to scroll up to see this, or move the divider bar between the Contact grid and the above fields up so you can see it)

The row you have just made will first be completely highlighted as shown in the screenshot below. Now type in the First Name.

The row with the Primary Contact checkbox checked is the record where you would enter in your primary contact - the first contact. Note how the second contact row is still grayed out.

Note that there is initially a “grayed” phone record row under the contact record you just entered.As soon as you start typing in that phone record row - see how the actual row you are typing in is a white background, whereas there is now a second “grayed” phone record row? That is because you can have multiple phone records for each contact.

To create a second phone record, click again in the “grayed” phone record which will create a second phone record row “whited out” so that you can enter information

Do note that there is presently a known issue that if you change the column order, it is not saved for the next time you open the entry screen. This will be addressed in a maintenance update

  • Joyce

I see what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t seeing the vertical scroll bar popping up when I clicked in the contact section. The preverbial “snake” !!

Many thanks,

Hi again

Just an update - with the v3.2.4 QuickFix, the sort order of the Contacts columns willnow be saved when you exit the AyaNova program.

  • Joyce